Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Peekskill Arts Council is now on

The Peekskill Arts Council nonprofit organization founded in 1995 after the successful creation of an artist district project which brought professional artists to live and work in the downtown area of Peekskill, New York.

The Peekskill Arts Council's mission is to educate the general public about the arts and serve as community resource for the artists and arts community, and to pursue the initiation of arts related projects. The resource of professional artists in the City of Peekskill encouraged and nurtured many new exciting community arts and cultural projects.

That mission is fulfilled by developing artistic events and installations, establishing public gallery space, strengthening arts in education in the local schools, promoting and disseminating information on the arts and supporting the needs of artist in the community.

The Peekskill Arts Council not only showcases artists, but involves the entire community with many innovative programs. Hundreds of community children have benefited from PAC sponsored events, including the annual Creative Arts Summer Camps run in cooperation with the Peekskill Parks & Recreation Department, in school, after school and vacation arts workshops and the Children's Arts Festival.

Over the past 10 years, thousands of people have participated in the annual Peekskill Open Studio events. The PAC works with the Peekskill Business Improvement District, the City of Peekskill, the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, and the Paramount Center for the Arts to serve all members of the community.

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Ronn Kistler, CES Arts Consultant said...

I am glad that Arts in Education in included in this initiative by the arts council. It informs all other parts of the initiative. For students, the arts connect everything together, encouraging integrative thinking in youngsters and adults alike. I have tried to sound that call loudly during over 30 years of arts in education work, and to demonstrate how that can be done in the new book I co-authored entitled "Teaching Curriculum Through the Arts." I can only hope that more people will hear this message begin to advocate for increased arts in our schools.

Ronn Kistler, Creative Educational Systems arts consultant