Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Signage Gets Noticed

Thomas M. Leigh, Architect recently installed project identification signage on a 2-family house renovation located at 219 North Broadway in Peeksill, New York. Please click on the picture to enlarge the sign.

Just like real estate sales signs, construction project signage can help generate leads from neighbors and potential driveby customers.

Install one of our signs on your next project. We do make house calls.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

10 Questions to Ask Before Construction Starts

1. Do you have a design image that needs to be finalized?
2. Do you have a piece of property or an existing building?
3. Do you know how much will your project cost?
4. Do you have plans ready so your project can proceed?
5. Do you know how to select a contractor?
6. Do you know what permits and insurance are required?
7. How do you legalize your requested alternations?
8. Where will you live, if necessary, during construction?
9. Will you, or someone else, be supervising the construction?
10. Why do you need an architect?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Mandated in NY State

Amanda's Law takes effect tomorrow, February 22, 2010 in New York State.

Amanda's Law, passed in 2009 by the NYS legislature requires homeowners to install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

Under the law, 1-family, 2-family, dwellings in condominiums or co-operatives, and multiple dwellings must have a carbon monoxide detector installed regardless of the date of construction or sale.

The law was named after Amanda Hansen, a teenager whose life was tragically ended by a carbon monoxide leak from a defective boiler while sleeping at a friend's house in Januray 2009.

The new law requires that a carbon monoxide (CO) detector meeting New York State standards, and that it be installedin an operable condition in dwellings where there are appliances or systems that may emit carbon monoxide or have an attached garage.

Prior to Amanda's Law, carbon monoxide detectors were reuired in 1-family, 2-family, and dwellings in condominiums or co-operatives only if they were constructed or offered for sale after August 9, 2005.

As a result of Amanda's Law, a carbon monoxide detector will be found in nearly all residential structures in the state. This creates a safer living environment for New York residents and creates greater awareness to home safety issues that are intensified by seasonal heating issues prevalent in the Northeast.


TML - Courtesy of a press release issued by the Fireman's Association of the State of New York, mailed to the author, the president of the Peekskill Art Lofts cooperative residence by the Westchester County Planning Department.

I predict a shortage of detectors as owners and residential managers find out about this law. There are hardwired and plug-in battery backup models available. The affordable plug-in models cost about $20 to $30 each, with higher priced units up to $150.

Start Planning for Spring Construction

Thomas Leigh, AIA is exploring the construction of a house built in the 1800's using balloon framing, mortise & tendon and pegs to bring it into the 2010's.