Monday, August 29, 2011

Did Hurricane Irene invalidate your NYS Property Condition Disclosure Statement?

New York residential real estate sellers, agents, brokers, and attorneys may need to follow-up with their clients due to Hurricane Irene.  She may have invalidated your NYS Property Condition Disclosure Statement, which could affect your property resales/sales.

Waterfront property or
flooded driveway?

The NYS Property Condition Disclosure Act requires the seller of residential real property to present a signed statement of known conditions and information concerning the property to the seller. Your building inspectors may have inspected a dry site, not after a hurricane.

Specifically, line items: 10, 11, 20, 28, 30 thru 47 with respect to flooding, damages, and other conditions. Failure to disclose updated conditions could affect your sales. Please consult counsel as needed.

Hudson River Architecture, PLLC performs residential property condition inspections and updates in the Hudson River area.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene - The Aftermath: What to do.

Hudson River Architecture, PLLC just called to a neighbors house to consult about a flooded basement.

We called the Peekskill Police Dept landline [914-737-8000], not 911! to inquire if the Peekskill Fire Dept [914-788-1832], pump basements; they do.  A PFD engineer arrived in minutes to determine the extent of flooding

They have a backlog of calls with some people with 8 feet of water in their basements.

Call your insurance company with policy number and take photos with a high water line. Insurance company will call adjuster to make a site visit. 

My client's water heater and boiler were underwater.  The water heater will probably need to be replaced.  The boiler's electric controls and maybe the burner will need to be replaced.  The water heater should be installed abover the high water mark next time.

Do what is necessary to protect your life and property, just don't endanger yourself doing it.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Notice of formation of: HUDSON RIVER ARCHITECTURE, PLLC; Articles of organization filed with the  Secretary of State of N.Y (SSNY) on August 3, 2011; office location: Westchester County, NY; SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served; SSNY shall mail process to the PLLC, 817 Central Avenue Suite 1, Peekskill, New York 10566. Purpose: professional practice of architecture.

R.I.P. Melbourne Farmhouse: Circa 1812 to August 19, 2011

Melbourne Farmhouse
Yorktown Central School District Administration Building
The hotly debated and controversial demolition of the Melbourne Farmhouse is now a reality as workers have already begun tearing down the building.

"We understand that there is emotional attachment to this building, but it has sentimental not historical significance," Yorktown school board President Jackie Carbone said in a letter addressed to Supervisor Susan Siegel and released to the media. "We respect that and have tried to honor the sentimental significance and ensure that the building will be remembered."

The school board has asked Thomas Leigh, an architect for Hudson River Architecture, to go through the building and identify decorative period pieces in the building that could be salvaged, she said. Those items include a handrail, two fireplace fronts, two front entry doors with frames and the frame and door to the attic.

The metal-roofed rear porch folded in on itself. 
We have had these items abated, removed from the building and crated," Carbone said.

As a result, the school board will donate these items to the town of Yorktown for their museum.

"The reality is that the building is in very poor condition, with sagging floors, severely cracked plaster walls indicative of building settling, as well as dry-rot," Carbone said. "The entire building is racked to one side, off its foundation."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Adaptive Re-Use in Question

YORKTOWN - A difference of opinion over the future of the Melbourne Farmhouse on the Yorktown High School campus was evident during a meeting Friday, March 18 between district officials and community residents looking to save the historic building.

Superintendent of Schools Ralph Napolitano, Assistant Superintendent of Business Tom Cole, school board President Jackie Carbone, district architect Armand Quadrini, Town Clerk Alice Roker and Peekskill architect Thomas Leigh met with Alan Strauber, Monica Doherty and former Yorktown Supervisor Don Peters, all members of the Melbourne Farmhouse Preservation Committee.

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