Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene - The Aftermath: What to do.

Hudson River Architecture, PLLC just called to a neighbors house to consult about a flooded basement.

We called the Peekskill Police Dept landline [914-737-8000], not 911! to inquire if the Peekskill Fire Dept [914-788-1832], pump basements; they do.  A PFD engineer arrived in minutes to determine the extent of flooding

They have a backlog of calls with some people with 8 feet of water in their basements.

Call your insurance company with policy number and take photos with a high water line. Insurance company will call adjuster to make a site visit. 

My client's water heater and boiler were underwater.  The water heater will probably need to be replaced.  The boiler's electric controls and maybe the burner will need to be replaced.  The water heater should be installed abover the high water mark next time.

Do what is necessary to protect your life and property, just don't endanger yourself doing it.

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