Sunday, May 3, 2009

Outside-the-box Tip for LinkedIn Power Users

When I look at various LinkedIn personal profiles, I can tell who the avid users are, and who are fill-in-the-blank types. Here is a tip for improving your personal profile for you detail-oriented people.

Under your Profile [Edit] page, you will see a blue link called Websites. In most profiles, and you know who you are, have one, two, or three bullet points, which read “My Website”.

You filled out the blank and inserted your URL that links to your website.

That’s it your done. Do not continue reading.

However, are you done?

What is the name of you website or company or portfolio, etc.?

Why should I click on your “My Website” link that could drive traffic to your website and generate more business for you?

The Answer

There is a way that you can insert the name of your website in this location, and it is simple to do. Click on the blue Websites link, another page will come up called Additional Information. This is the same page where you originally inserted your URL address.

Click on the pull down menu where it says “My Website”. It gives you a choice of 5 items and “Other”.

Choose “Other”:

Two new text fill boxes will open up instead of the text box that says insert URL address for “My Website”.

Now Insert:

Now insert the name of your company, your website, the name of your resume, the name of your favorite pet, etc. where it says Website Title.

Then in the box below it, you insert your URL address links just as you did when you originally filled out the form.

The Result:

You have just answered the two questions!

What is the name of my website, organization, etc. that you want me to click on and the URL address for that site.

You now own a link that sets you apart from everyone else that has not identified “My Website” or answered the two questions that could drive business to your website.

Send me comments or invitations if this works for you.


Karen A. Davis said...

Thanks for that very useful tip. Much better than just the generic "My Company."

Curtis B. Wayne said...

Good sleuthing, Tom! You might want to change your text (above) to: "That's it, you're done" btw.
Your friendly editor,