Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Power of RE*

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Thomas M. Leigh, AIA said...

Intially the "Power of RE*" was conceptualized as the goals of a corporation I was considering starting which was based on the premises and dictionary descriptions of:

RE* abbr. Real estate.

Re•al estate n. Land, including all the natural resources and permanent buildings on it.

De•vel•op Verb To elaborate by the working out of rhythmic and harmonic changes in the theme. To work out the possibilities of, To make active, or promote the growth of. To make available or usable. To make suitable for commercial or residential purposes. To move from the original position to one providing more opportunity for effective use. To expand by a process of growth. To cause to grow and differentiate along lines natural to its kind. To acquire gradually. To go through a process of natural growth, differentiation, or evolution by successive changes.

De•vel•op•er n. One that develops. A person who develops real estate, especially by preparing a site for residential or commercial use.

Unfortuanately, the corporate name was taken by another entity; however the concepts still exist.